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Portable Interface Unit

  • Hand held portable interface (PI) device for data retrieval from FA2100 recorders
  • FA2100 PI includes the following:
    • Audio Readout Cable (P/N 17TES0051)
    • Auxiliary Readout Cable (P/N 17TES0052)
    • Type II PI Memory Card (P/N 17TES0053)
    • Carrying Case (P/N 031E174500)
    • PI Unit Technical Manual (P/N 165E163000)
  • Provides digital data copy of CVR or FDR data with time tag from the FA2100 recorder
  • High capacity PC card (PCMCIA) allows storage of data from multiple aircraft flights
  • Simultaneous CVR reproduction of six analog channels of monitor or playback audio for recording
  • Rapid FDR data retrieval on aircraft
  • Menu-driven user interface with fault output display capability
  • Powered by FA2100 CVR/FDR Recorder when attached 10' cable is plugged into the ATE connector on the front of the recorder
  • Seven-key keypad and an eight-line display, allows stand-alone operation to perform the following:
    • FDR Monitor
    • FDR Copy
    • FDR Playback
    • CVR Monitor
    • CVR Copy
    • CVR Playback
  • Data Monitoring options:
    • Rotor Speed/FSK output
    • GMT/FSK output via 1/8" stereo jack
    • Monitored playback audio via:
      • 1/4", 600 ohms phone jack
      • Internal speaker
      • Individual audio channels via 9-pin DIN
    • Data Retrieval:
      • Real time audio (all channels)
      • Playback of audio (all channels)
      • Download of digital audio data to hard disk
      • Playback of audio from hard disk via PI
      • Real time raw flight data
      • Full or partial download of digital flight data


Size: 10.5" H x 5.5" W x 2" D Weight: 2 lbs.
Connector: 26 Pin ATE interface to FA2100    
Part NumberPortable Interface Description:
17TES0043 FA2100 Recorder PI for data retrieval


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17TES0043 Product FAQ

If you have a question about this model,
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